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Where does BeautyEssentials formula originate from?

BeautyEssentials is a science-based nutritional supplement researched and formulated in USA renowned for its’ scientifically proven efficacy.

How long has BeautyEssentials in the market?

BeautyEssentials has been in the Asia market since 2005.

Is BeautyEssentials safe for pregnant or breastfeeding mother?

BeautyEssentials is a wellness supplement for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. As comprehensive nutrition profile is important during pregnancy, BeautyEssentials consists of 85 types of essential nutrients from natural food source to supplement your daily nutrition needs.

Will BeautyEssentials help to ease the pre and post pregnancy symptoms?

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Do i still need to consume other supplement prescribed by gynecologist while consuming BeautyEssentials?

BeautyEssentials is a overall wellness nutritional supplement. You are encouraged to consult your doctor/gynecologist on additional supplements prescribed by them.

Is the product registered and certified Halal?

The product is registered with relevant Health Authorities in country of origin and is JAKIM HALAL Certified.

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