Naomis Yau

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“The must have superfood for pregnancy”

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


I love TROIS Beautyessentials wellness program so much and I had consumed Beautyessentails about 5 years already. I found that my muscle become firmer especially arms area. No more soft and flabby arms. Especially on my 2nd pregnancy, Beautyessentials is my daily essential nutrients sources for my baby and myself.


Beautyessentials provides complete 85 types of nutrients to support complete development of my baby. My skin also no acne and breakout like my 1st pregnant. Furthermore, my body shape also differ from pregnant mother because my weight gain was increase gradually and healthy.


Now with my 3rd pregnancy, Beautyessentials still is my main daily nutrients sources. With no morning sickness and everyday wake up with good appetite. I am so happy and exciting for every scanning moment. because my baby's growth healthy in the womb!