Lwi Poh Huay

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“The must have superfood for pregnancy”

Malacca, Malaysia


During my pregnancy, while eating a nutritious diet and I took Beautyessentials wellness program to ensure sufficient 85 essentials nutrients for my baby's growth and development. I never took the calcium and omega pill given by the dr. too!


Beautyessentials accompanied me throughout the whole pregnancy joumey till I deliver my baby girl. I give birth to healthy cute baby girl and I understand that "a healthy pregnancy is the key to a healthy baby".


My baby always happy and active, additionallyrarely sick and cough. She is a quick learner and love to explore and discover to the natural world. Now she is 16 months old and able to walk few steps stably. I feel grateful to have Beautyessentials wellness program, it's a good nutrition for you and your baby!