Liz Pang

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“The Secret of Beautiful Mommy”

Johor, Malaysia


Changes in hormone levels in pregnant women during pregnancy will make some expectant mothers' skin smooth and delicate, but may also cause some expectant mothers' skin to become rough and sensitive. Many pregnant mothers will have dark skin due to the precipitation of melanin. Pregnant mothers who do not know will think that they have not rubbed clean after bathing.


During pregnancy, I did not face the problems of pigmentation, dark spots, cramps and edema. I never worry about these problems, because I have BeautyEssentials-it contains 85 kinds of natural nutrients to help improve and reduce various health and skin problems during pregnancy, keep my Internal organs In a healthy and well-behaved state, and also allow the baby to have enough Nutrition and healthy development.


After giving birth, I still continue to drink Beauty Essentials because I am breastfeeding. I have enough breast milk for my child and take care of the child to sacrifice sleep and get up to feed in the middle of the night, but I don't feel tired but still very energetic. My child's bones are also strong. This is my third child, and my eldest and second children also take Beauty Essentials. When I got together with my classmates, they all praised me why I grew more beautiful! I want to thank TROIS for the miracles they brought me, these are all credits to BeautyEssentials.