Aini Kho

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“BeautyEssentials reduced my maternal health problems!”

Sarawak, Malaysia


I was pregnant and gave birth to my third baby boy in November. After gave birth to first 2 babies, gynecologist did recommended me not to pregnant again as my "blood pressure" will rise up to an endangered level in 2nd trimester of pregnancy due to gestational acute kidney failure and MUST consume a lot of medicines to control it. I still remembered my condition even worse up & hospitalized for 5 days for BP monitoring during 2nd pregnancy!


In this pregnancy, I started to take BeautyEssentials daily. And it surprised me! I didn't have to take even a pill in my 9 months gestational period to control my blood pressure ! (Co-enzyme Q10 & essential fatty acids promotes blood circulation) BeautyEssentials supplied sufficient calcium & vitamin D to protect my backbone (zero backache) & aid in the bone development of my baby.


I travelled to Taiwan with friends during 2nd trimester, my pregnant status didn't affect me in enjoying the trip becauseL-Carnitine in BE improve blood oxygen level & I felt energetic! I'm no longer worried of my hair loss after gave birth! In fact, there were bundles of new grown hair because I'm nourished by 85 types human essentials nutrients!