Christie Lai

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“The must have superfood for pregnancy”

33 years old, Selangor , Malaysia

During my first pregnancy, I was not known to BeautyEssentials Program yet. Throughout my pregnancy, I gained 30kg of weight and my skin also had a lot of acnes. Three years later, I was conceived again. From the beginning of my pregnancy, I started to consume BeautyEssentials Program, which contains 85 specially formulated natural nutrients. Before delivery, I only gained 15kg. My skin was flawless, without pigmentation and acnes. It really helps me a lot especially throughout the breast feeding period; I have breastfed my baby for 7 months. Compared to my eldest child, I was able to breastfeed for 1 months only due to lack of breast milk. As such, I would like to thank TROIS for giving me and my children a healthier life.