Emily Cheah

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“BeautyEssentials make me healthier during my pregnancy!”

Kedah, Malaysia


Few years back, after I delivered my 2nd son, I didn’t take good care of my physical body shape and I just continue my eating habits as usual. Without realising my body has gone out of shape and it has shocked me when I looked back at some old photos. My genuine dark skin tone has also make an impact to my total body colour tone and this has made me feel unattractive.


Therefore, I have decided to change my appearance and that is how I started my transformation journey with TROIS without thinking further. I stepped into KetoEssentials & BeautyEssentials program and I’m very proud with the results! I lost 13.9 kgs in just 4 months and my overall skin tone has become very much brighter! It has definitely boosted my self-esteem and I felt much more confident as I now looked like a pretty young mother.


In the year of 2015, I was having my 4th pregnancy. In the beginning few months of pregnancy, I experience hormone deregulation and there were many outbreaks on my face. To add on, my first trimester of pregnancy was critical as the medical report revealed that I’m experiencing red blood cells deficiencies. The physical and mental stress makes me lack in my appetite even though I knew that I have to eat the right food to supply sufficient nutrients for my body. Then I decided to continue taking BeautyEssentials and quickly it has solved my constipation problem during pregnancy. The pimples on my face has started to diminish! People surrounding me also compliment me saying that I’m a pretty mama as I now look more vibrant from the nutrients contained in BeautyEssentials.


This year (2016), I’m a mother of 4 kids and I participated in Mrs Malaysia Asia International 2016 contest. Before contest audition, I took BEVOKE programme for 12 days. Below are the results what BEVOKE have given me! My Skin Very moist & shining Great make up adhesion & looks natural No eye bags and swelling face every morning My Body Body fat%: 29.8% dropped to 26.2% Body age: 25 dropped to 24 years old My tummy became much firmer after I delivered my 4th baby My Confidence I feel and witness the results in just 12 days With the healthy shiny skin & fit body, it boosted my confidence higher to be one of the 12 finalist in the contest. I felt very proud of my new look. Ladies, let us all transform to become prettier & healthier through the right solution!